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Chantelle Thibeaux

Posted: January 2, 2018 2:55pm


Bonjour! Beautiful People.


Happy New Year to all of you and your families. I’m looking forward to a great year with all of you as we grow together. God has many exciting plans for the Women’s Ministry this upcoming year. Invite a friend to one of our monthly bible studies as we will study the women of the bible this year.

Ladies Bible Study is on the second Monday of each month at 7pm.


Love you and Praying for you.

Humbly serving you as First Lady

Posted: August 28th, 2016 7:49pm


Hi beautiful,


God is still faithful and His amazing love endures forever. I praise God for his word that encourages us everyday. His word is truly my strength and refuge, my high tower.


Sooooooo, whats going on in our little world; aka the Thibeaux home….well the girls are growing up, Grace is in 5th grade and Annalise is now the big 2nd grader; even lil  Omar has started school, watch out Pre K3,  he’s keeping his lovely teacher on her toes. :-)


Lately, we’ve been spending lots of family time together even when its not family week; I praise God for Today…we’ve been playing Monopoly, baking together(well once in the last week), visiting the library, and just plain ole hang out time, no tv, no movies, just hang out and laugh, sing(Grace has written a few songs), and of course chase each other around the house….fun times…I praise my God for filling my life with joy, not because of things, but through HIM he’s given me a family…..wow, what a God….


Nothing else too exciting going on…just trying to be like Nehemiah and build a wall, or like Moses to help lead his people out of Egypt, or like Ezekiel calling on the wind to breathe on these very dry bones..…oh my God, who is sufficient for this…please pray for us…...


God himself is able to do exceedingly, above all, that we can ask, think, or imagine…wow; faithful God.


I want to encourage you, to stand up for God, be bold as a lion, win souls for Christ, study his word, and live a life that reflects his glory.


Love you sis,


Humbly I serve as FL


Posted: May 31st, 2016 11:25pm


Hi Hebrew Sister in Christ,


We are one.

Let’s make a creed, an oath, a promise, a covenant to one another.


I love the Lord our God.

I love his Son Jesus Christ, Yashua.

I love my fellow Hebrew sisters.

I honor my sister.

I want the best for my sister.

I am not jealous of my sister.

I am not jealous of my sister.

I am not jealous of my sister.

I support my sister.

As she prospers, we all prosper.


We are one.

We serve one God.

He is the God of the Hebrews.



C’mon, lets write a creed together. Join in the unifying of God’s people.



Hid in HIM,

First Lady

Posted: March 8th, 2016 5:25pm


Hi beautiful!!


I loved the message today about giving God all the glory. Pride is so deceitful; I pray that the Lord takes it out of both you and me; yes, I have pride…ugh…I too am a sinner in need of God’s grace and mercy…..


I pray that in this season we give him all the glory for all that is good in our lives….praise Him!!!


All has been good in the Thibeaux home; nothing major or too exciting; did a long walk in the neighborhood trying to burn a few calories, pastor and i went bowling on our date night (first time just us two), the girls and I have been discussing starting a garden in the backyard….


I really want to, so please pray that I get the necessary skills to take on the task…yay!!


Little Omar has finally begun to answer “yes” he went through a season answering everything with a “no”


I praise God for growth…


love you sis


Posted: February 29th, 2016 11:30pm


Hi ladies,


We’ve had a busy week thus far, cook-off, baby shower, Min. Phil’s birthday bash, a funeral, and a wedding, just to name a few…yep, rolling. But, I can’t complain I enjoy serving Christ in my youth, because I know that there will be a time, when we slow it down, so while we have energy, we’ll take the city for Jesus.


I’m especially excited right now because God and I are connecting on a whole new level….its beautiful, its like when a relationship makes a special connection that only the two people know about. Thats how me and my El Shaddai are right now; he’s revealing himself in a whole new light.  I’m very grateful for him showing himself to me…whew…..thank you Lord


As for my lil bebe’s they are growing, growing, and growing. This past week we didn’t do too much chill stuff due to us being on the road a lot; we’ll have weeks like this sometimes; our kids are great because they tag along and go with the flow…praise God for that.


in fact I only cooked once …Yikes…


hopefully this upcoming week will be better. pray for me. love ya’ll


humbly serving you as first lady

Posted: February 15, 2016 11:33pm


Hello pretty ladies,


Here’s what we’ve been doing the last couple of weeks;

Pastor, a few other leaders and I went to a workshop in Nevada, (it snowed), pic



I cooked an okra gumbo with a homemade roux…yikes…it turned out about a 6, 10 being super awesome, I think I added the okra too late..I would have preferred a more okra taste; my daughter Grace agreed



Omar Joshua bit his lip through and through, while jumping on his bed(had to go to the ER on a Saturday night); all is well praise God;


This past Friday we did a family bike ride, Annalise is in the stage where she’s trying to prove that she tough like her big sister, so she decides that she wants to ride her own bike, instead of being pulled in the little car with Omar Joshua(as I suggested), 2 streets later, she tells her dad, “daddy, I’m tired” and what happens next, he has her bike on his handle bars, while she’s being pulled with Omar;


all I did is smile; nonetheless, we brought her bike home, and continued our ride, we probably rode almost 3 miles; ya’ll know I love burning calories so it was super fun to me!!


Love you all;


and thanks for reading

Posted: January 17, 2016 7:24pm


Our oldest daughter, Grace, will be celebrating her big double digit birthday this upcoming Monday. Time truly flies, I really remember being in the delivery room like it was yesterday. God is teaching me to enjoy everyday. Good days and bad days alike, like Mandisa sings, Learn to love these days. If you don’t know by now, I’m super nostalgic..big time…


So just the thought of her making the big 10 warms my heart with both joy and sadness all at the same time……okay I’m done before i start crying….


Love you woman of God; and thanks for reading!! I pray that God blesses you with your hearts desire.


Humbly serving you as first lady


"first, not better; but leading you towards Jesus the Christ"

Posted: January 2, 2016


Oh my y’all!! I so loved the prayer night. It was a true blessing to hear the testimonies, to worship, to pray, and to sit under the word. I left feeling uplifted!!


By the way, this blog is an informal way for me to chat about whats going on with my kids and other interesting stuff about the Thibeaux house. From time to time I’ll post stuff about PCA, and women's events; I’ll try to keep it interesting!


Love you sis!!

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