Parenting Tips

By K. Carter


1. Be the example of the character traits you would like to develop in your children.


     You have probably heard the saying, “more is caught than taught.” It is true. If you want your

children to be truthful, then you need to be truthful. If you want them to serve others, let them

see you serving. If you want them to have an authentic relationship with Jesus, show them what

that looks like in your life. You have tremendous influence simply by the way you live your life in

front of them.


2. Be consistent with rules and consequences.


     Challenge to your authority will happen. That doesn’t mean you are doing something wrong.

See those challenges as an opportunity to train and reach their heart by teaching them God’s

Truth on various matters. Our kids challenge us because they need to know where the

boundaries of right and wrong are. If the same rules apply as yesterday, who here is going to do

something about it if I disobey, anyway?


     When we are consistent and clear, we make them feel secure because they know where the

boundary is, and they feel confident in our ability to lead them. If you are not consistent with

your rules and consequences, you are actually training your child to be more disobedient and

for them to challenge you more often. Why? They are always trying to figure out what the rules

are today and how much they can get away with....and will only find out by pushing the limits.

We have to consistently discipline for disobedience and teach our children to respect our

authority. This is an important truth for all parents: If you want your child to accept your values

and beliefs when they are older, it is essential that they see you as worthy of respect when they

are young.


3. Be intentional about your own choices to make sure they line up with God’s Word and the

legacy you hope to create.


     Be careful about making decisions on the fly based on what is easiest, and most convenient at

the time. Little choices add up to setting the tone for our values: Choices like what we watch on

TV, where our priorities are, and how we spend our free time.


4. Be in prayer for your family and journal about your successes and failures.


     Ask yourself, ‘What are my goals as a parent? What would I like our family to be like?” Journal

about those goals and start praying for those things. We need to know what it is that we want for

our family and set goals to get there. If you have no goals for your family, then you are

guaranteed not to reach any.


     Being a parent isn’t easy....it’s hard work! Being a Godly parent takes wisdom, courage, and

patience mixed with big doses of grace and forgiveness.

When those difficult days come – and they will – we need to remember that God gave you your

children for a reason. He chose you to parent that child and He will equip you to do the job if you

allow Him to. Don’t let your frustration or distractions keep you from finding your purpose as a



     Whether you are just beginning your parenting journey, or you have grown kids and you are

entering a new phase of parenting, embrace where you are at in the journey and make the most

of it! Enjoy your kids and have fun with them, because when it comes to parenting, the days

seem to drag on forever, but the years go by in the blink of an eye, and your kids are worth it!


Posted January 2, 2018 3:07pm

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